Atmospheric Argon Plasma Systems for High-Volume Manufacturing

In-line, damage-free surface cleaning for improved bonding and adhesion

Here’s what our customers say:

“With your system we are now the heroes in contrast to our customers who don’t yet know anything about atmospheric plasma.

We’re doing a much better job of cleaning without breaking anything on the VCSEL. On the contrary, our customers have problems with vacuum plasma.”

Everything you once did in vacuum you can now do out in the open and ten times faster.

Plasma cleaning removes microscale contamination from surfaces, activates surfaces for wetting and adhesion, eliminates voids and bubbles, and improves bonding, sealing and encapsulation. Surfaces treated with our atmospheric plasma create assembled products that are less likely to corrode, delaminate, or come unglued during their lifetime.

In semiconductor packaging, hydrogen plasma cleaning of micro-bump arrays removes oxidation from copper, tin-silver alloy, and indium, enabling flux-free flip chips.

It’s easy to integrate Atomflo™ plasma into your semiconductor process equipment, click here to find out more.

Semiconductor Solutions

Particle-free silicon dioxide activation for hybrid bonding
Metal oxide removal for flux-free micro-bump bonding
Fluorine contamination removal after plasma dicing on tape
Surface activation for inkjet printing
Choose INT for integrating plasma into your process equipment

STW-10 Cleaned Product Image

300 mm wafers and dies on tape frames

STL-10 Rendering

Lead Frames

STA-10iL Rendering

All Other Packages

Atomflo-INT Rendering

For integration into your equipment

No more worries about cross contamination or damage to semiconductor dies and packages.

Surfx argon plasmas will not damage electrically sensitive integrated circuits or thermally sensitive polymers. The highly uniform beam of reactive gas flowing out of the plasma head is 100% electrically neutral with no streamers, no sparks, no electrostatic discharge (ESD), and no particles, and it emits very little UV light.

Printed Circuit
Board Assembly

High-volume surface preparation for:

Thermal interface materials (TIMs)

Conformal coating

Potting and bonding

Combine atmospheric plasma with dispensing or coating tools for “just-in-time” cleaning.

Automotive Sensors and Electronics

Integrate the Atomflo™ plasma system into the assembly line prior to potting, sealing, or gluing together plastic components.

Minibeam Product Image
Atomflo-INT Rendering


Simple and safe surface preparation of bonded structures and fasteners.

Did you know Surfx handheld plasmas are used to assemble electric air taxis?

Medical Devices

Activate catheters and stents for improved wetting and adhesion of coatings.

Medical Diagnostics

Precision surface modification is key to controlling the adsorption of proteins and other biological agents.

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