1. Applications

Surfx’s atmospheric argon plasmas have applications in many industries.

Below you’ll find examples that we have provided solutions for. Contact us to learn more.

Semiconductor Packaging

Flux Free Flip Chip
Flux-free flip chip

Remove oxidation from indium, tin, and copper micro-bump arrays using the atmospheric pressure hydrogen and argon plasma

Silicon Wafer
Hybrid wafer bonding

Activate glass films for direct fusion bonding without adding any particles to the wafer surface

Underfill Chip

Activate surfaces underneath BGAs, CSPs or flip chips prior to dispensing underfill

Lead Frame
Wire bond

Remove organic contamination from bond pads on lead frames prior to wire bonding

Encapsulated finished chips

Activate lead frames and other packages for adhesion prior to encapsulating dies in an epoxy mold

Electronics Assembly

Wetting and adhesion

Improve adhesion of ink, glue, and coatings

Conformal coating

Eliminate voids, improve coverage over entire printed circuit board, and enhance coating adhesion

Aerospace and Automotive

Activated Composite
Bonding composite structures

Prepare the surface of composite structures for adhesive bonding in aircraft and satellite assembly

Bonded Fastener
Bonding fasteners

Clean and activate fasteners to ensure strong adhesion for the life of the aircraft

Aerospace Plane with Transparencies
Bonding transparencies

Activate the surface for coating or bonding without affecting the optical properties of the polymeric material

Potting Sensor
Potting sensors

Activate 3-D sensor housings to improve wetting, adhesion, and sensor durability throughout operating lifetime

Camera Assembly
Camera assembly

Clean optics and housing before adhesive bonding

Medical Devices and Diagnostics


Improve wetting to polymers and other materials for precision dispensing of biological media onto surfaces

Stent and catheter activation

Activate low-energy thermoplastic tubing for bonding, coating, or printing