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for high-volume manufacturing of electronic components

The STA-10iL automated plasma system is designed to clean and activate substrates for improved adhesion. It is ideal for semiconductor packaging and electronics manufacturing. The STA-10iL comes standard with in-line conveyance for high-volume manufacturing. An optional drawer can be installed for high-mix, low-volume production.

STA-10iL Rendering
Clean Render of STW-10


for plasma processing 300 mm wafers and dies on tape frames

The STW-10 automated plasma system is designed for front-end semiconductor processing. It is well suited for activating silicon surfaces prior to hybrid wafer bonding. The STW-10 accepts FOUP’s containing 300 mm wafers, or cassettes with dies on tape frames. Maximum throughput is 60 wafers per hour.


for plasma cleaning and activating lead frames

The STL-10 cleans and activates lead frame strips prior to wire bonding or molding. Four lanes are provided for automated loading and unloading of magazines at a maximum throughput of 1,500 strips per hour. The lane width is adjustable to enable processing of any size lead frame. Whether you require high throughput or high mix, the STL-10 is perfectly suited for your packaging operation.
STL-10 Rendering
Atomflo-INT Rendering


for integration of plasma treatment into other manufacturing tools

The Atomflo™-INT plasma system is configured for integration into new or existing process equipment. External rack-mounted controllers support 1 or 2 plasma heads imbedded inside the primary machine. Communication over Ethernet IP provides complete process control and data logging. The INT complies with all US, EU, and SEMI EH&S standards. It provides the most advanced surface treatment technology inside your equipment.

Atomflo™ 600 plasma controller and coolant control module

Atomflo Controller Cropped
The Atomflo™ 600 controller is the brains of the argon plasma system. It is equipped with a 600 W radio frequency power supply, auto-tuning matching network, three mass flow controllers for argon, oxygen, and hydrogen (5%H2/Ar), a computer with Windows 10 operating system, and an eight-inch touch screen.
CCM Image Cropped
The coolant control module (CCM) is a closed-loop water circulation system that maintains the plasma source at a constant temperature during operation. It improves plasma process performance and reliability.

Atmospheric plasma sources

SPS-100 Rendering


The SPS-100 is a linear beam plasma source, 100 mm wide, designed to clean and activate substrates for improved adhesion. It is supplied with RF power, gas feed, optical detection, and water cooling from the Atomflo™ 600 controller and CCM. This head is particularly well suited for semiconductor processing.


The SPS-M is a spot plasma source designed to clean and activate substrates for improved adhesion. It treats a circular area about one centimeter in diameter. It is ideal for selective processing of semiconductor packages and printed circuit boards.