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10月 09 2012

New Atmospheric Plasma Products in Europe

Messe Dresden, Germany, October 9, 2012 – Surfx Technologies is expanding its latest range of Atmospheric Plasma Products into the European market. For the first time, Surfx Technologies together with major distribution partner, Novel Technology Transfer GmbH, are showcasing the new line of Atomflo™ plasma systems at SEMICON Europa 2012 from October 9 to 11.

With increased performance, additional features, production integration capability and system status feedback, customers across many industries in Europe now have even more choices in high-speed plasma systems, which can easily integrate into existing production environments. The Atomflo™ plasma systems is unique in that it is a particle-free plasma source, and generates significantly less particle contamination than vacuum plasmas.

Just released in September, the Atomflo 500 atmospheric plasma controller offers real-time process feedback, argon or helium primary gas, multiple secondary gas handling and integrated machine I/O. The Atomflo 500 is an excellent fit for demanding high-throughput production applications that require direct real-time process monitoring feedback. This completely new controller design includes a touch-screen user interface, increased RF power and high-speed RF tuning, and an increased accuracy of the matching network.

Surfx Technologies also recently launched the Standalone Plasma Machine (SPM) to provide customers with a turnkey system that integrates the Atomflo 500 solution into an automated, compact, multi-axis application system. The SPM includes advanced graphical motion management software (generating NC code for the motion engine), 4-axis motion with 400 x 400 x 300 mm plasma treatment volume and modular control system architecture, capable of interfacing to other systems via network communication and/or SMEMA interface.

The new Atomflo 400S, an upgrade of its popular A400 model, is now in the market and can be used as a standalone R&D tool or integrated with any motion system to automate customer’s process needs. Additional process parameters and an increased controller memory for additional stored process recipes and simplified recipe management, will result in faster tuning performance for customers.

“Our atmospheric plasma tools are safe, clean room compatible and fast,” explains Roger Williams, Vice President of Sales for Surfx Technologies. “Our patented downstream plasma will not expose sensitive electronics or circuits to potentially damaging electric fields. We also offer high speed LED encapsulation processes as well as solar thin film and silicon cell process solutions. Customers will gain better performance, single part traceability and increase package yield.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to expand our broad spectrum of products and services to our customers with the new line of Atomflo plasma systems,” says Max Wanninger, President, Novel Technology Transfer GmbH. “We will be able to provide even more high-speed atmospheric plasma solutions for cleaning, etching, deposition, surface modification and activation. Surfx Technologies’ new integrated end-point detection and real-time spectroanalysis will ensure our customers have the best solutions for high volume and/or high value manufacturing processes.”

Atmospheric pressure plasmas eliminate the need for harsh chemicals or inefficient vacuum chambers that are limited to batch processes. The Atomflo atmospheric pressure plasma generates a stream of reactive gas at low temperatures so many materials can be treated, including polymers, epoxies, metals, ceramics and glass.