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Atomflo Atmospheric Plasma Systems

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Since 1999, Surfx Technologies has been using plasma treatment and surface chemistry to help customers with surface treatment of their materials needs globally.Our full range of atmospheric plasma solutions treat microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS), microfluidics, semiconductors, solar cells, medical devices, sensors, plastics and composites.Our atmospheric plasmas solutions are used for cleaning and surface activation, etching, surface modification, and deposition and are cleanroom compatible, fast, safe and effective. The Atomflo Plasma System directs a powerful gas beam onto your part, treating it in seconds.Our process is cleanroom compatible, particle free, and will not damage surfaces. The plasma gas flows through channels and cavities, activating all interior surfaces uniformly.Surfx Technologies’ Atomflo solutions are:

  • Clean–breakthrough technology is clean room compatible
  • Flexible–multiple plasma source form factors
  • Fast–highest reactive species density

Atomflo Plasma Systems are available for rent or purchase.

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