10月 05 2015

Surfx at SAMPE High Desert 2015

Surfx at SAMPE High Desert 2015


7月 21 2015

Surfx in the Bay Area

I will be in the Bay Area July 27th through 29th along with my colleagues Richie Woo and  Bob Hicks. During our time in the region, we will visit existing customers and those considering plasma treatment systems alike. Our complimentary on-site demonstrations show not only the surface treatment abilities of our systems, but also the safety, as we treat your parts with a hand-held plasma source. Surfx Technologies schedules regular visits to the Bay Area. If you are interested in an on-site demonstration please let us know. Contact us for more information on how plasma can improve surface preparation in the medical device, aerospace, semiconductor or biotech industries.

Graham Ray
Sales Engineer

6月 05 2015

Surfx in the Northeast

Surfx at SAMPE 2015My first SAMPE tradeshow was a success! Thanks in part to the presence of our sister company Aerospace Materials Processing (AMP), who not only helped with the booth, but also gave a couple talks in the conference. It definitely drove more traffic towards Surfx booth in addition to increasing interests in plasma as a surface prep method for composite bonding. So shout out to AMP! Please check out their website at www.aeromatpro.com.

Now to my next journey: the hot and humid Northeast…MA and CT to be exact. I never know when it’s a good time to go out there; spring/summer allergies or the cold winter will be the death of me. I’ll be a walking pharmacy. And yes, I’m a spoiled native southern California kid. On a lesser note (I kid), I’m excited to see our very first Standalone Plasma Machine (SPM) that was built for the first time. I hope I’m able to use it.

Richie Woo

Sales Engineer

6月 01 2015

Treating Microplates With Surfx Plasma


Microplates are essential tools for many medical and biotechnology ventures. Proper pre-treatment of these microplates is the key to achieving consistent results. Surfx plasma is currently being used by industry leaders to increase hydrophilicity of microplates, leading to improved cell adhesion. Our customers operate at high throughputs by integrating our Standalone Plasma Machine (SPM) into their production lines. The SPM is an automated turnkey plasma solution that precisely treats microplates at the touch of a button. Highly reactive downstream plasma is blown into each well, increasing surface energy in seconds. There are no high voltage transformers to worry about, or vacuum pumps to wait on. Our systems generate clean, safe, on-demand atmospheric plasma.

Whether culturing cancer cells in search of a cure or performing enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) at a local clinic, our customers know that their microplates have the best surface preparation available. If you’re looking to improve binding within microplates, contact Surfx Technologies today. Our team of experienced engineers will work with you to determine the optimal treatment parameters for your application. Call 310-558-0770 x112 today to learn more about treating your microplates with Surfx Technologies atmospheric plasma.

Graham Ray
Sales Engineer

5月 16 2015

Surfx Atmospheric Plasma for Aircraft Repair

Handheld Plasma 

The navy uses Surfx Atmospheric Innovation

In aerospace manufacturing and repair, a handheld plasma is the right tool for the job. Shown in the picture below is Jakob Grant at the Navy repair depot, San Diego, California, using the Surfx® handheld plasma source to remove hydraulic fluid from the wing panel of an F/A-18 Hornet (Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) Almanac, 7 1 (2013)). The nitrogen plasma cleans the surface of the composite removing contaminants that reduce bond durability. According to Jakob, “the (Surfx) system allows us to eliminate the use of HAZMAT chemicals, while at the same time cleaning the part ten times faster.” “We can remove fluid in nine or ten minutes instead of putting the part in an air circulating oven for one or two hours.”

The Surfx atmospheric plasma is unique for this application. It weighs less than 2 lbs (1 kg), and is easy for the operator to translate over the part. Rollers on the device keep the plasma beam at the proper standoff distance as it is swept back and forth over the surface. The device is supplied with RF power at low voltages, <200 V, and at power levels between 100 and 200 W. The housing is securely grounded so there is minimal risk of electric shock. In addition, the gases used, nitrogen with either argon or helium, do not produce any noxious fumes. Approval by the EH&S department to use the plasma system in the repair depot was easily obtained.

5月 02 2015

Surfx at SAMPE Baltimore 2015

Surfx at SAMPE in Baltimore 2015I am very excited to be manning my first SAMPE tradeshow in a few weeks. Ready to meet engineers and scientists alike to talk about Surfx products for improved adhesions on several advanced materials. We’re gaining traction in the aerospace and composites industries and SAMPE has made it possible.  I hope to meet people from new and upcoming startups as well as fortune 500 companies. If you’ve heard of us, please visit our booth H-19 just for a short introduction and demonstration, or just for the goodies! J

The SAMPE conference is held on May 18th-21st, and exhibits will be showing on the 19th and 20th.

View the SAMPE floor plan map and find the Surfx booth.
View our SAMPE conference page to add Surfx to your My Sampe list.

Richie Woo
Sales Engineer

5月 01 2015

Atomflo Plasma System For Surface Activation

Atomflo plasma system

One of the most common applications that we see here at Surfx is the need for surface preparation in the aerospace industry. Materials such as carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites present a challenge when being incorporated into larger structures. The low surface energy of the base material does not allow for intimate contact with the adhesive being used, and the chemical functionalities present on the surface are not design for covalent linking to the adhesive material. As a result, the aerospace industry typically utilizes wet chemical and abrasive techniques to generate surfaces which are prepared for adhesive bonding. However these methods do not lend themselves to automation, and they also generate environmental waste.

Surfx Technical Articles and Information

I would like to bring your attention to some work we have done using our Atomflo plasma system to activate the surface of epoxy composite materials to yield robust, environmentally stable bonds. Our Atomflo plasma system works to generate a highly active epoxy surface by handling the 3 of the major barriers to good adhesive bonding. Initially, the plasma can strip away organic materials at the composite surface and allow for clean interaction between the composite and the adhesive being used. Once these materials are gone, the high density of oxygen atoms generated in the plasma will react with the composite surface to leave behind a high surface energy which facilitates intimate contact with the adhesive. Finally, specific chemical functionalities are generated that react directly with the adhesive being used. These plasma treatments are a permanent and covalent substrate modification. Surfx has been working for many years to understand and optimize this process. Please see the attached literature for a more complete description of this process, or contact us for a free demonstration of our Atomflo plasma system.

4月 23 2015

Surfx in CompositesWorld

Surfx’s ongoing contribution to the Transition Reliable Unitized STructure (TRUST) project, part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) open manufacturing program, was recently featured in CompositesWorld. Read about the benefits of atmospheric plasma treatment and how our Atomflo 500 system is being used to achieve robust surface preparation here.

Additional information about the TRUST program can be found in the April 2015 edition of the magazine (click here for digital edition).

composites world

4月 12 2015

Taiwan Facilities & Atomflo 500 Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

Visit to Taiwan facilities

Employees from surfx headquarters in Redondo Beach CA spent this week (April 9 to 15) working with employees at Surfx Technologies Tawian Co. Ltd., in Taichung.  At this facility we make our Atomflo 500 and SPM.  The staff of 7 at Surfx Taiwan covers all aspects of manufacture, including supply chain management, mechanical, electrical and controls engineering, software, assembly and administration.  This week, we worked together to implement several improvements to the Atomflo 500.  We have expanded the range of operation of the coolant control module (CCM), so that it will maintain the plasma source at any temperature from 35 to 120 oC.  At the low temperature, the plasma gas does not exceed 72 oC.  This operating temperature is well suited for treating polypropylene and polyethene tubing.  Activation rates are fast, and there is absolutely no potential for thermal damage of these materials.  At the high temperature end, the plasma gas will exit the source at about 150 oC.  This hotter condition will boost surface etching rates, and improve your process speed.


Atomflo 500 Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

Surfx Atomflo 500

The Atomflo 500 is truly a powerful tool for high-throughput plasma cleaning and activation of components.  You have so many ways in which you can optimize the process for rapid treatment.  Gas chemistry is selectable between oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon tetrafluoride.  Power ranges may be selected from 50 to 250 W.  Plasma gas temperatures may be controlled between 70 and 150 oC.  With our precision robots, you can select sample scan speeds ranging from 1 mm/s to 300 mm/s.  We are working right now to increase the power range up to 500 W.

The Atomflo 500 Human-Machine Interface (HMI) with touchscreen is the best in the business.  No other competitor has the functionality that we offer.  If you have a surface modification job, be it cleaning, activation, etching, or deposition, come check out our product.  You will be surprised how well it performs.

10月 17 2014

Surfx® Technologies, LLC has been acquired from Precision Mechatronics Pty Ltd.

Surfx® Technologies, LLC has been acquired from Precision Mechatronics Pty Ltd.

Surfx® is privately owned and operated in the United States.

As of this news release, Surfx® is privately owned and operated in the United States.

The purchase agreement, which was completed on October 7, 2014, puts Surfx in an excellent position to grow its business. The company has been in operation since 1999, and is a leading supplier of atmospheric pressure plasmas to the aerospace, medical device and electronics industries. Existing customers for Surfx’s Atomflo™ plasma systems include many Fortune 500 companies, who rely on these tools for their precision manufacturing processes.

Surfx’s high-speed atmospheric pressure plasmas are used for cleaning and activating surfaces prior to adhesion, and for thin-film deposition and etching. The Atomflo™ plasma is a “green technology” that does not employ hazardous chemicals, and has essentially no EH&S concerns. Moreover, it may be used safely on any material. The plasma generates a reactive gas containing neutral atoms that flow over and through microstructured surfaces, chemically scrubbing away the contaminants without any damage to the customer’s product.

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