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Jun 01 2015

Treating Microplates With Surfx Plasma


Microplates are essential tools for many medical and biotechnology ventures. Proper pre-treatment of these microplates is the key to achieving consistent results. Surfx plasma is currently being used by industry leaders to increase hydrophilicity of microplates, leading to improved cell adhesion. Our customers operate at high throughputs by integrating our Standalone Plasma Machine (SPM) into their production lines. The SPM is an automated turnkey plasma solution that precisely treats microplates at the touch of a button. Highly reactive downstream plasma is blown into each well, increasing surface energy in seconds. There are no high voltage transformers to worry about, or vacuum pumps to wait on. Our systems generate clean, safe, on-demand atmospheric plasma.

Whether culturing cancer cells in search of a cure or performing enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) at a local clinic, our customers know that their microplates have the best surface preparation available. If you’re looking to improve binding within microplates, contact Surfx Technologies today. Our team of experienced engineers will work with you to determine the optimal treatment parameters for your application. Call 310-558-0770 x112 today to learn more about treating your microplates with Surfx Technologies atmospheric plasma.

Graham Ray
Sales Engineer