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May 03 2012

The Beach in the Woods

The event in Poland is always a crazy one. Poland, as a country, is crazy for volleyball in general but they hold the event in the strangest place. It feels like you are in the middle of a farmer’s field in the middle of Poland. There is nothing around and then this 5000 seater stadium pops out of nowhere in the middle of a field!

It’s is definitely not the glamourous beach volleyball location that everyone thinks about, it is always cold and normally wet. Last week it was actually snowing and 0 degrees C! Luckily it warmed up to about 10C for the tournament.

We were drawn against a good team from Belarus and again new we would have to be sharp to get the job done. We came out winners 21-15 21-10. This meant we would play the 8th seeded Norwegian team, they came out firing and we battled with them all the way but ended up on the wrong end of the result. We were dissapointed with the outcome but pleased with the overall result as we had out performed all the other British teams, which helps us with our qualification for the Olympics.

We now head off to China; it will be a long couple of days for me. I leave here at 10pm Wednesday night PST and land on Thursday night at 8pm PST after transferring in Frankfurt and Denver. I then leave on Saturday at 1pm for Shanghai.

This gives me a Friday to help Surfx with our move to the new facility, which is very exciting times for us. We are growing as a company and expanded the possibilities for our customers. I will also be able to see my family which is always nice.

Until Next Time, Gregg Weaver