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Jun 05 2015

Surfx in the Northeast

Surfx at SAMPE 2015My first SAMPE tradeshow was a success! Thanks in part to the presence of our sister company Aerospace Materials Processing (AMP), who not only helped with the booth, but also gave a couple talks in the conference. It definitely drove more traffic towards Surfx booth in addition to increasing interests in plasma as a surface prep method for composite bonding. So shout out to AMP! Please check out their website at www.aeromatpro.com.

Now to my next journey: the hot and humid Northeast…MA and CT to be exact. I never know when it’s a good time to go out there; spring/summer allergies or the cold winter will be the death of me. I’ll be a walking pharmacy. And yes, I’m a spoiled native southern California kid. On a lesser note (I kid), I’m excited to see our very first Standalone Plasma Machine (SPM) that was built for the first time. I hope I’m able to use it.

Richie Woo

Sales Engineer