Plasma Sources – Flexible Application Methods

Wide Range of Plasma Sources

Surfx Technologies systems are flexible and easy to use. Choose from a number of plasma sources for your varying needs and please contact us for further information.

Linear Source – 25mm to 150mm wide linear beam

Linear  Source  –  25mm or 50mm linear beam
This  hand or robot-held linear plasma source comes in 25mm and 50mm active lengths. It is ideal for cleaning or treating flat surfaces using a rapid scan.

The source is simple, robust, virtually indestructible and completely safe. It is configured for treating a variety of surfaces.
Tubular Source – 360 deg coverage of wires & catheters

Tubular Source – 360 deg coverage of wires & catheters
This tubular plasma system operates under atmospheric pressure which allows it to be easily inserted into other production tools for in-line surface treatment of tubes, wires, fibers, and medical stents. Material is fed into the tubular inlet and pulled through the other side. The outside diameter of the material is treated to increase the surface energy and clean the surface prior to bonding, marking, coating, or painting.

The low-temperature plasma can process many different materials, including polymers, metals, and composites.

The tool operates with helium and oxygen. Operation is simple and trouble free. Treatment is fast, effective, and can be tailored to treat precise sections of the material.

Mini Beam – Spot-size with high precision

Mini Beam

Mini Beam – Spot-size with high precision

A spot treatment helium plasma source used for hard to reach places and precision applications. Aperture size is 1.6mm (1/16-inch).


Cylindrical – Area treatment for semiconductors



Cylindrical – Area treatment for semiconductors
This 25 mm active diameter hand- or robot-held atmospheric plasma source has a simple, robust design that is virtually indestructible and completely safe. It can be easily manipulated to treat objects of any size or shape.

Our cylindrical plasma source is ideal for many material processes, including surface activation for adhesive bonding, cleaning, and etching of organic films.

Deposition – PECVD enabled sources
This device is used for atmospheric plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). A volatile precursor containing the coating elements is fed separately to the source.

Deposition – PECVD enabled sources


The precursor and plasma gas mix together, react, and deposit the desired thin film. For example, tetraethoxysilane may be combined with an oxygen plasma to deposit glass for scratch and corrosion resistance.

The A-PD precursor delivery system includes a temperature-controlled bath, gas manifold system with vent/run, and dilution mass flow controllers, which provide accurate delivery of precursors and act as moisture barriers. We offer delivery systems that precisely meter the precursor vapor into the coating process.