Atomflo Atmospheric Plasma Systems

Atomflo™ 500 Plasma System

A high-throughput production system, the Atomflo™ 500 operates with low-cost argon as the primary gas. Two secondary gas lines provide a full range of plasma chemistries. The Atomflo™ 500 includes a water-cooled plasma source and cooling control module, so that the most thermally sensitive materials may be treated. Powerful software makes this product the choice for the most demanding applications.

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Plasma Heads and Applicators

Plasma Sources

Surfx plasma systems are flexible and easy to use and may be operated with many different plasma applicators. Our plasma sources are designed to cover a broad range of uses, from wide, linear beams for rapidly scanning part surfaces to mini-beams for high precision spot treatment.

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Hand Plasma Tool

A safe, cost effective, and “green” way to clean and activate plastics for adhesion is atmospheric pressure plasmas. The plasma generates a stream of reactive gas that removes organic contamination and creates reactive functional groups for bonding. This process occurs in seconds.

Integrated Production System

SPM – Standalone Plasma Machine

A compact, multi-axis production system, the SPM™ provides a turnkey solution for manufacturing integration and high-throughput, assembly line operation. The SPM™ comes with powerful software that provides real-time monitoring and control of head position and plasma performance. Single part processing (SPP) provides the user with the most robust and reliable control over the plasma treatment process.

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Surfx Leadframe Treatment Machine

LTM – Leadframe Treatment Machine

The Leadframe Treatment Machine (LTM) provides customers with a turnkey system that integrates the AtomfloTM solution with cassette to cassette operation for high throughput and low cost of ownership.

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Robotic Dispensing

Surfx Robotic Dispensing

Surfx’s precision dispensing robots streamline your atmospheric plasma operation. Available in four different sizes from 200 mm x 200 mm to 500 mm x 500 mm. The lowest price is guaranteed; request a quote today!

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System Accessories

Accessories and Options

Equip your system with accessories to address your material processing needs. The precursor delivery system (A-PD) turns a surface treatment tool into a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) system. Cabinet enclosures, air purifiers, and other options ensure that your plasma system meets all environmental, health and safety requirements.View Accessories