Atomflo™ plasma systems are an effective, low-cost solution for R&D and process development on semiconductors, solar cells, batteries and sensors. Applications include:

  • Metal oxide removal for improved wire bonding
  • Passivation layer deposition
  • Enhancing wettability for improved liquid flow over wafer surfaces
  • Surface cleaning and activation for direct wafer bonding and thin film adhesion
  • Photoresist etching

Atomflo™ plasma systems provide highly repeatable, single part processing with excellent treatment uniformity.

Product Demos
Metal oxides negatively affect wire bonds and adhesive bonds. The video below demonstrates indium oxide removal:
Silicon wafers must be free of particles and surface contaminants before direct wafer bonding. The video below demonstrates wafer cleaning:


Viz-bond™ Optical Bonding from Optical Filters Ltd

Surfx plasma cleaning is a critical step in the Viz-Bond™ bonding system pioneered by Optical Filters (cleaning process shown at 0:09 in the video at left). Viz-Bond™ is a wet bonding system that cures to a gel, to deliver a cost effective, scalable system in which the components are processed at ambient temperature without the use of vacuum, temperature, pressure and need for multiple tooling. Sunlight readability and environmental performance such as impact, shock, temperature and humidity are delivered at new levels of performance through full optical bonding with the Viz-bond™ system.



Surfx Technologies provides market specific tools for the Semiconductor industry. These include:


The Standalone Plasma Machine (SPM) is a turnkey system that integrates the Atomflo 500 solution into a neat, compact, multi-axis production system. The Standalone Plasma Machine features:

  • Advanced graphical motion management software, generating NC code for the motion engine
  • 4-axis motion with 400 x 400 x 300 mm plasma treatment volume
  • Modular control system architecture capable of interfacing to other systems
  • Helium and argon plasmas with oxygen, hydrogen, and/or nitrogen reactive gases

The Standalone Plasma Machine’s software provides real-time system monitoring, real-time control, and versatile programming options.


The Leadframe Treatment Machine (LTM) provides customers with a turnkey system that integrates the AtomfloTM solution with cassette to cassette operation for high throughput and low cost of ownership. The LTM features:


  • Electronic packaging applications
  • Powerful embedded software
  • Set warning and stop limits for all process parameters
  • Advanced monitoring and control
  • Compatible with multiple plasma heads

If you would like more information regarding our systems capabilities or would like to schedule a free demonstration please contact us.