Nov 10 2017

Surfx Technologies at Semicon® Europa

Surfx at Semicon Europa

Surfx Technologies at Semicon® Europa

Surfx will be exhibiting at Semicon® Europa in Munich on November 14-17, 2017. We will introduce our new product, the AtomfloTM 500 outfitted with a 100-mm-wide argon plasma head. Please come see us at booth B1.1602, hosted by Novel Technology Transfer GmbH.

The 100-mm-wide argon plasma is truly a unique product that provides customers with the highest possible throughput for in-line surface treatment. The plasma is a capacitive discharge that uniformly fills the exit slit with a high concentration of reactive species. It provides for variable chemistry by selecting the process gas to feed with the argon. For example, 1.0% oxygen in argon rapidly cleans and activates glass, ceramic and polymer surfaces for bonding. By contrast, 1.0% hydrogen in argon quickly removes copper oxide from copper for subsequent die attach and wire bonding to lead frames.

The AtomfloTM 500 atmospheric pressure plasma system is an outstanding product for in-line surface treatment. It comes with the following features: low voltage, low temperature, handheld or robot driven, two process gas lines controlled with digital MFCs, automatic tuning of the RF matching network, and real-time monitoring and control of all the process parameters.

I look forward to seeing you at Semicon® Europa!

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Dr. Robert F. Hicks
CEO & President
Surfx Technologies LLC


Jun 02 2014

Surfx visits SAMPE Seattle

SAMPE Seattle 2014

If you are at SAMPE Seattle show come join us at booth 1A. We will have one of our plasma systems at the show to demonstrate its many capabilities. If you have a particular material you would like treated please bring it to the booth.

Surfx SAMPE Tradeshow Booth 1A

Surfx SAMPE Tradeshow Booth 1A

Conference: June 2-5, 2014 | Exhibits: June 3-4, 2014

Washington State Convention Center
800 Convention Place
Seattle, WA 98101-2350

SAMPE Seattle is innovation in action – a dynamic exhibition of equipment, machinery, and products that showcase the newest advancements and product developments from more than 200 companies.

You will receive the best and most useful education in the materials and processes industry. Conference topics focus on rapidly advancing areas you need to keep up with – smart materials, resin infusion, design, thermoplastics, sustainable materials, advanced materials, and more.

Find out what you’ll be using to develop the next generation of products for your company in the exhibit hall and at the conference.

200 exhibiting companies.
Full of practical ideas that are immediately applicable.
Hundreds of presentations by industry insiders, leaders and educators.
Free Exhibit Hall Passes.
Discounted conference rates for early registration.

Apr 11 2014

Composites Manufacturing 2014

Covington, KY, April 2014 – Dr. Thomas Williams was at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center this week for Composites Manufacturing 2014 presented by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  Dr. Williams gave a presentation titled “Atmospheric Pressure Plasma as a Method for Improving Adhesive Bonding” during the Bonding Prep & Inspection Processes session.  His presentation topic was centered on the use of Surfx’s plasma products as a fast, safe and effective method for automating the surface preparation of structures composed of materials such as carbon-fiber-reinforced composite, stainless steel, aluminum, polyetheretherketone, BMI and others.  A detailed discussion of the bond strength improvements achieved with our plasma activation process was based on peer reviewed literature.  Please contact us for a copy of the presentation slides.

Jan 31 2014

Surfx® Visits Client in the Boston Areaf

Boston, MA, January 2014 – Dr. Thomas Williams was in the Boston area this week to install one of our Atomflo™ 500 systems for a customer in the aerospace industry.  Dr. Williams remained with the customer for one week to assist in the development of their new process.  This is an exciting new application.  Surfx Technologies schedules regular visits to the Northeast and if you are interested in an on-site demonstration please let us know.  Contact us for more information on how plasma can improve surface preparation in the medical device, aerospace, semiconductor or biotech industries.