Our History

Founded in 1999, Surfx Technologies has over 25 years of combined experience in plasma and surface chemistry.  Surfx’s plasma technology is exclusively licensed from the University of California, Los Angeles where the technology was first developed.

The Atomflo™ high-speed atmospheric plasma technology is routinely used to activate catheters & stents, prepare aerospace composites, promote cell growth, clean semiconductors & electronic boards, and activate many other devices or materials.  Our mission is to become the worldwide leader in atmospheric plasma surface treatment for the Medical Device, Aerospace, Biotechnology, and Semiconductor Packaging industries.

Surfx® is a rapidly growing company that is driven by a total commitment to our customers.   Surfx’s technical team of engineers and scientists provide expert service and support for your plasma processing needs.  Surfx’s Atomflo™ series of plasma products are ideally suited for the surface treatment of many materials including: polymers, composites, metals, semiconductors, glass and ceramics.  Our plasma technology is great for surface activation, bond strength enhancement, cleaning, deposition, etching and sterilization.

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We have a long, unique history in our industry:

  • 1999 – Founded in 1999 by Robert Hicks, Ph.D – Professor UCLA
  • 2000- Exclusively licensed atmospheric plasma source technology from the University of California, Los Angeles
  • 2001 – Changed name from Plasma Tech LLC to Surfx Technologies LLC October
  • 2002 – First Atomflo™ system sold June
  • 2006 – Surfx® trademark registered September
  • 2008 – First patent issued February
  • 2008 – Atomflo™ 400 system released April
  • 2012 – Atomflo™ 500 system released January
  • 2012 – Standalone Plasma Machine released February