Nov 09 2017

New Product! Announcing the AtomFloTM 600

AtomfloTM 600 with 100-mm-wide argon plasma

Fastest throughput of any atmospheric plasma on the market!

Surfx is pleased to introduce our latest product for surface treatment: the AtomfloTM 600 with 100-mm-wide argon plasma source. This system offers much higher throughput than the standard AtomfloTM 500 with 25-mm-wide argon plasma. In addition, our new product is equipped with a powerful 600 W RF generator that drives a uniform discharge across the entire beam. The highly efficient capacitive discharge rapidly cleans and activates surfaces, while keeping gas consumption to a minimum. The AtomfloTM 600 comes with all the features that are the hallmark of Surfx’s products: low voltage, low temperature, handheld or robot driven, versatile chemistry, and real-time monitoring of all process parameters.

For a limited time, we are taking orders at a discounted price. Low-cost upgrades are also available for our current AtomfloTM 500 users. This promotion ends on December 31st, 2017. Contact your Surfx representative today!

Atomflo 600 - End on view of 100-mm-wide plasma beam.

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