Aug 15 2017

Surfx Plasma For Balloon Catheter Assembly

From shaft coatings to balloon bonds, the catheter manufacturing process features many steps that can be improved by Surfx plasma treatment. Our variety of plasma source geometries and operating gases allows you to deliver highly reactive gas to your substrate, no matter the size or length. Surfx brings your process out of the chamber, activating polymers and metals in line, at atmospheric pressure.

Solvent wiping a meter long shaft introduces a high level of variability in coating performance. Instead, clean and activate your shafts (again, of any length) using a tubular Surfx plasma source. Feeding the shaft through the source removes surface organic contaminants and oxidizes all 360 degrees of the clean shaft surface. The now-active shaft can then be immediately coated and you can achieve maximum performance of your device.

Activating the interior diameter of balloon necks prior to joining them to shaft is another great application for Surfx plasma. Our low-temperature reactive gas flows into the balloon, cleaning and oxidizing the ID of the neck without thermal or chemical damage. Are there integrated sensors and wires into the balloon? No problem! Thanks to the unique design of Surfx plasma sources, all charged species are held within the plasma source. Only electrically neutral, but chemically active gas is allowed to flow out and treat your part. That means you can treat active electronics and metal components embedded in balloons without risk of damaging the electronics or puncturing the balloon with a spark.

These are just a few implementations of Surfx plasma that can offer vast improvements over traditional treatment methods and enable devices to be constructed in unique ways. If you have a need for surface modification, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. I look forward to offering you a surface preparation solution!

Graham Ray
Sales Engineer
310-558-0770 x112

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