Jul 27 2017

Best atmospheric plasma on the market

Surfx invites you to compare our product to other atmospheric plasmas on the market. Here’s why we think we are the best:

1) Speed – For treating large areas, Surfx’s AtomfloTM plasmas cover more ground faster than any other competing product. Speed means higher throughput, which lowers cost.

2) Uniformity – Surfx’s plasma sources are uniform across the beam. You obtain precision treatment of your materials with minimum overlap between scans. In other words, more value at lower cost.

3) Plasma chemistry – Surfx’s proprietary atmospheric plasmas allow you to blend oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, or other gases with argon to tailor the process chemistry. Oxygen plasmas are used to activate plastics for bonding, whereas hydrogen plasmas may be used to remove copper oxide from lead frames. The Surfx AtomfloTM plasma tackles many tough materials problems, more than any other competing product.

4) Low-temperature – Surfx’s patented design produces a radio-frequency (RF) capacitive discharge, which yields a highly efficient, cold plasma. Standard water-cooled sources generate reactive gas flows at between 60 and 100 oC. The most thermally sensitive materials, such as polyethylene and polypropylene tubing, are treated without any risk of thermal damage.

5) Control – The AtomfloTM controller is a PC-based system with continuous monitoring of forward and reflected power, mass flow rates, and plasma intensity. Digital mass flow controllers and an advanced auto-tuning matching network provide precision process control within user selected limits. Your parts are treated the same way, day in and day out, no matter which machine your using. No other atmospheric plasma system provides the same level of control. The benefit to the customer is greater product yield, i.e., more value at lower cost.

6) Safety – Surfx’s RF capacitive discharge operates at low voltage with no risk of electric shock. You may run the plasma by hand or with a robot, whichever method minimizes your cost. If hydrogen plasmas are required, you need not worry about fire or explosion. Surfx’s AtomfloTM runs with standard blended gases, e.g., 2% hydrogen in 98% argon, where there is no safety risk.

Based on speed, uniformity, chemistry, temperature, control and safety, Surfx has the best atmospheric plasma on the market. Contact us for a free demonstration. We are confident we can deliver the best solution at the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Dr. Robert F. Hicks
CEO & President
Surfx Technologies LLC

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