Jun 03 2016

Great show at SAMPE Long Beach 2016

Two very well attended talks were given by Misha Grigoriev of sister company, Aerospace Materials Processing LLC. Presented great data on bonding of nutplates and bismaleimide (BMI) CFRP composites using Surfx plasma and even better results will be shown at CAMX in Anaheim. Click here for the abstract and you can email/call me for a full version. Misha also talked about Out-of-Autoclave manufacturing using epoxy prepregs.

SAMPE BMI 2016 Abstract : Automated Surface Preparation of Organic Matrix Composites for Structural Adhesive Bonding

We also completed 2 days of exhibition of our handheld plasma tool. Many people were quite impressed with the water break free demo given with our handheld tool. Thank you all for coming out and we will see you at CAMX in Anaheim, September 23-26.

Richie Woo

Sales Engineer

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