Apr 12 2015

Taiwan Facilities & Atomflo 500 Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

Visit to Taiwan facilities

Employees from surfx headquarters in Redondo Beach CA spent this week (April 9 to 15) working with employees at Surfx Technologies Tawian Co. Ltd., in Taichung.  At this facility we make our Atomflo 500 and SPM.  The staff of 7 at Surfx Taiwan covers all aspects of manufacture, including supply chain management, mechanical, electrical and controls engineering, software, assembly and administration.  This week, we worked together to implement several improvements to the Atomflo 500.  We have expanded the range of operation of the coolant control module (CCM), so that it will maintain the plasma source at any temperature from 35 to 120 oC.  At the low temperature, the plasma gas does not exceed 72 oC.  This operating temperature is well suited for treating polypropylene and polyethene tubing.  Activation rates are fast, and there is absolutely no potential for thermal damage of these materials.  At the high temperature end, the plasma gas will exit the source at about 150 oC.  This hotter condition will boost surface etching rates, and improve your process speed.


Atomflo 500 Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

Surfx Atomflo 500

The Atomflo 500 is truly a powerful tool for high-throughput plasma cleaning and activation of components.  You have so many ways in which you can optimize the process for rapid treatment.  Gas chemistry is selectable between oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon tetrafluoride.  Power ranges may be selected from 50 to 250 W.  Plasma gas temperatures may be controlled between 70 and 150 oC.  With our precision robots, you can select sample scan speeds ranging from 1 mm/s to 300 mm/s.  We are working right now to increase the power range up to 500 W.

The Atomflo 500 Human-Machine Interface (HMI) with touchscreen is the best in the business.  No other competitor has the functionality that we offer.  If you have a surface modification job, be it cleaning, activation, etching, or deposition, come check out our product.  You will be surprised how well it performs.

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