Mar 24 2015

Surface preparation in the aerospace industry

One of the most common applications that we see here at Surfx is the need for surface preparation in the aerospace industry. Materials such as carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites present a challenge when being incorporated into larger structures. The low surface energy of the base material does not allow for intimate contact with the adhesive being used, and the chemical functionalities present on the surface are not design for covalent linking to the adhesive material. As a result, the aerospace industry typically utilizes wet chemical and abrasive techniques to generate surfaces which are prepared for adhesive bonding. However these methods do not lend themselves to automation, and they also generate environmental waste.

I would like to bring your attention to some work we have done using our Atomflo plasma system to activate the surface of epoxy composite materials to yield robust, environmentally stable bonds. Our Atomflo plasma system works to generate a highly active epoxy surface by handling the 3 of the major barriers to good adhesive bonding. Initially, the plasma can strip away organic materials at the composite surface and allow for clean interaction between the composite and the adhesive being used. Once these materials are gone, the high density of oxygen atoms generated in the plasma will react with the composite surface to leave behind a high surface energy which facilitates intimate contact with the adhesive. Finally, specific chemical functionalities are generated that react directly with the adhesive being used. These plasma treatments are a permanent and covalent substrate modification. Surfx has been working for many years to understand and optimize this process. Please see the attached literature for a more complete description of this process, or contact us for a free demonstration of our Atomflo plasma system.

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