Oct 17 2014

Surfx® Technologies, LLC has been acquired from Precision Mechatronics Pty Ltd.

Surfx® is privately owned and operated in the United States.

As of this news release, Surfx® is privately owned and operated in the United States.

The purchase agreement, which was completed on October 7, 2014, puts Surfx in an excellent position to grow its business. The company has been in operation since 1999, and is a leading supplier of atmospheric pressure plasmas to the aerospace, medical device and electronics industries. Existing customers for Surfx’s Atomflo™ plasma systems include many Fortune 500 companies, who rely on these tools for their precision manufacturing processes.

Surfx’s high-speed atmospheric pressure plasmas are used for cleaning and activating surfaces prior to adhesion, and for thin-film deposition and etching. The Atomflo™ plasma is a “green technology” that does not employ hazardous chemicals, and has essentially no EH&S concerns. Moreover, it may be used safely on any material. The plasma generates a reactive gas containing neutral atoms that flow over and through microstructured surfaces, chemically scrubbing away the contaminants without any damage to the customer’s product.

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