Apr 11 2014

Composites Manufacturing 2014

Covington, KY, April 2014 – Dr. Thomas Williams was at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center this week for Composites Manufacturing 2014 presented by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  Dr. Williams gave a presentation titled “Atmospheric Pressure Plasma as a Method for Improving Adhesive Bonding” during the Bonding Prep & Inspection Processes session.  His presentation topic was centered on the use of Surfx’s plasma products as a fast, safe and effective method for automating the surface preparation of structures composed of materials such as carbon-fiber-reinforced composite, stainless steel, aluminum, polyetheretherketone, BMI and others.  A detailed discussion of the bond strength improvements achieved with our plasma activation process was based on peer reviewed literature.  Please contact us for a copy of the presentation slides.

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