Sep 25 2013

Paris Trade Show

Hello to all from Paris France! Surfx Technologies exhibited at the 19th International Vacuum Congress (IVC-19) in the Palais de Congres from September 9th to 13th. The IVC was held in conjunction with the 15th International Conference on Solid Surfaces (ICSS-15), the International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology (ICN+T 2013), and Innovations in Thin Film Processing and Characterization (ITFPC 2013). The booth was manned by Bob Hicks and Nicolas Vandencasteele. Nicolas is one of our representatives in Europe, and is affiliated with the University of Brussels, Belgium (ULB). He can be reached in Brussels at 32-497-708-688, or

The trade-show attendees were engineers and scientists from university, government and industry research laboratories. New materials are being rapidly developed in Europe with applications cutting across many industries. There were many visitors to our booth. Most were interested in using our products to clean and activate surfaces prior to depositing coatings. Others were excited to use the Atomflo for in-line deposition of coatings at atmospheric pressure. People were intrigued by our demonstration of the atmospheric pressure argon plasma, which is safe to use on any material, even human skin, and cleans and activates surfaces for bonding extremely quickly.

The sales team at Surfx looks forward to following up with the customers that visited our booth after the show.

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