May 08 2012

Atmospheric Plasma On the Move

Engineering Support

Engineering Support

The demand for our Atomflo Plasma System solutions, which directs a powerful gas beam onto components and treats them in seconds, has pushed our operational needs into a bigger space and a new location. The extra space and new location give us the opportunity to grow our services and products as the business and interest grows in our company.

The advantage of atmospheric plasmas is their ease of use, cost effectiveness, and ability to continuously treat materials of any size and shape. Furthermore, the reactive gas flows out of the plasma source and around and through complex parts, such as MEMS. The Atomflo™ is unique in that it is a particle-free plasma source, and generates significantly less particle contamination than vacuum plasmas. Our process is cleanroom compatible, particle free, and will not damage surfaces. The plasma gas flows through channels and cavities, activating all interior surfaces uniformly.

We are now at 2631 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Redondo Beach, California. You can still reach us on 310-558-0770 and

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