Apr 23 2012

Atmospheric Plasma – Brazil?

Well that was a hard week at the “office”.

I am currently in Brasilia, for the first of our Olympic qualifying events of the year. We got here on Sunday morning at 8am via Miami. The flights were good; having status on American Airlines has its perks as I got a free upgrade. Makes sitting on a plane for 8 hours slightly more enjoyable!

Surfx Atmospheric Plasma Systems

The weather has been ridiculous since we arrived on Sunday, at least 85 degrees and humid. It makes the preparation and recovery all the more important when you know how much fluid and nutrients you are losing in a 2 hour session!! That being said, parts of Brazil have some amazing restaurants and they certainly know how to cook a steak. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the area of Brasilia that we are in. Trying to find the right combination of foods in a mall food court is always an interesting challenge. One thing they do well is Acai; I can safely say I have had my fair share of antioxidants!!

This has been the first time that I have been away with volleyball but also still working for Surfx via email and Skype. It has been a challenge but I have found it is all in the preparation for each day, set myself goals both for the volleyball and gym sessions and for Surfx related work. The Surfx work has also provided me a much needed ‘break’ from the volleyball. As you can imagine it gets pretty intense when there are over 80 teams trying to prepare and train for the first Olympic qualifier of the year.

Our tournament officially starts on Wednesday morning, and you play until you have lost one game. We organize our week so that we have gym and volleyball sessions on Monday and Tuesday morning, then we are ready to fire up come Wednesday morning. Our sessions went well and we were excited to get the season started. Wednesday rolled around and we had been given a fairly tough draw. We knew if we implemented what we had been working on in pre-season we would be tough to beat. We had a good day but eventually lost to a team from Poland who are junior European champions 23-21 in the third game (volleyball is played best of three games, first two games are to 21 points the third is first to 15 point, but you have to win by 2, I hope that makes some kind of sense!) losing always sucks, and we had a goal for this tournament that we were very close to achieving but couldn’t quite get there.

This means we fly back to LA on Thursday, we land at 9pm. Friday will be a busy day for me, morning gym session followed by a full day in the office to continue with my goals for Surfx, then a volleyball session in the evening. All of this before I leave for Poland at 5pm on Saturday for the second of the Olympic qualifiers.

Busy couple of days for me ahead, losing sucks but I am excited to be going home to see my wife and three boys, watching them run at the computer on Skype shouting ” dada, dada” just isn’t quite the same.

Thank you all for the support, until next time.

Gregg Weaver

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